Steve Moffitt

Voice Talent, Professional Blatherer

Personal Talent Showcase

Radio Guy

My radio education began in a 1962 Ford Falcon Station Wagon. The pilot of this rolling classroom/gas guzzler, my mom, was the backup vocalist to every song blaring from the single mono speaker in the dash. My education began with Roger Miller and continues to this day. The hosts of these radio programs became my friends and my heroes. Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area personalities like John McCloud (KLIV 1590 AM) and Dr. Don Rose (KFRC 610 AM), Tom Campbell, and Don Bleu, and National talents like Casey Kasem and others, introduced me to the Beattles, the Who, the Cars and so many other greats.



Fast forward to 2018, my resume includes High School radio, a Partnership in a Portland, Oregon recording Studio, working as a News Producer, and hosting a college format radio show. I still listen to the radio as much as ever only now I've added my voice to those of my heroes - echoing the hits from my earlier days with the greats of today. My love affair with the microphone continues ...


Photograph: On-Air at 1360 KUIK, 2016